• Audio Enhancement


    In 2022, Mountain Brook Schools began installing a new Audio Enhancement system in all of our classrooms. 

    The system includes:

    • Speakers in the ceiling of all classrooms to provide even distribution of sound.
    • Audio box which connects audio to the speakers from the class set of microphones as well as the classroom computer. 
    • A digital camera is mounted on the ceiling to provide the opportunity for instructors to film their lessons as needed.
  • How to Use the Microphones, How to Pair, and What the Lights Indicate


    Adjusting the Volume

    Microphone volume can be changed directly from the Teacher Microphone. Use the “Select” button to choose which microphone you want to adjust: “Own” will control the Teacher Microphone, “Other” will control the Handheld Microphone. Once you have selected the appropriate microphone, adjust the microphone with the up and down arrow buttons.