MBJH Volleyball Sweeps Metro Titles

  • Both seventh and eighth-grade teams won the 2022 Metro Tournament.

  • Monday, October 3, 2022 – Congratulations to the seventh and eighth-grade volleyball teams for winning the Metro Tournament this past weekend!

    Seventh grade:

    The team finished an amazing season on Saturday by winning the Metro Championship.  The Spartans entered the tournament as the No. 2 seed and defeated Oak Mountain and Homewood before taking a loss to Bumpus in the double-elimination tournament. The girls rallied to defeat Homewood again to get a second chance at Bumpus in the finals of the tournament. The Spartans defeated Bumpus in four straight sets to win the Metro championship. The team finished 11-2 in Metro matches and had an overall record of 26-4 for the season. All tournament selections were Kate Bakken and Mary Holland King and the tournament MVP was Avery Davis. 

    Other championship team members included Naomi Borland, Lucy Comer, Hannah Cornelius, Lydia Glanton, Harper Lassiter, Izzie Miller, Ann Caldwell Monk, Mary Harter Pounds, Darby Rhodes, Gray Schoenvogel, Mary Knox Walker, and Addison Webb. The team was led by Vicki Webb and Emily Eustace.

    Eighth grade:

    The eighth-grade volleyball team finished a tremendous season on Saturday by winning the Metro Championship. The Spartans defeated Chelsea and Helena, then lost to Hewitt in the double tournament before defeating Oak Mountain to set up a rematch with Hewitt. The Spartans defeated Hewitt in two sets to earn the opportunity to play Hewitt again in the championship.

    In the final match, the Spartans defeated Hewitt 25-10, 23-25, and 15-10 to claim the Metro Championship. The team was 13-0 in Metro matches and 31-4 overall for the season. Sullivan Lell and Lizzy Ezelle were All-Tournament selections and Maddie Walter was the tournament MVP. 

    Other championship team members included Ginny Grace Heide, Juliette Cook, Lindsey Dean, Ellie Gribbin, Lulu Gribbin, Layla Goldis, Julia Mather, Lee Lee Faust, Madeline Woods, Adele Moffatt, and Piper Parant. The team was led by Bruce Henricks.