Chris Herren Speaks to Students, Community

  • October 31, 2022 – Chris Herren, a former professional basketball player, spoke to students at MBHS and MBJH as well as the Mountain Brook community on Thursday about the topic of substance use prevention. Herren has spoken worldwide to over one million students, athletes and community members, hoping to promote honest discussions on the topics of substance-use disorder and wellness. The event was put on by All In Mountain Brook.

    Herren addresses his purpose of “why” both in his talks and on his website:

    “When we ask someone to think of a picture of a person suffering from the disease of addiction, they think of someone on their last day. Each person started their life just like you. Full of hope and choices that lead them on their path. We need to ask the question, Why? The “Why” is the beginning. It’s about feeling comfortable in your skin and making choices to be the best you.”

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