All In Student Conference

  • Fifteen different sessions were offered to speak to students on various topics at Mountain Brook High School.

  • Wednesday, November 2, 2022 -- All In Mountain Brook held its annual Student Conference on Tuesday morning at Mountain Brook High School. The event, which included 15 different guests/groups, offered students the opportunity to sign up and attend three sessions of their choice. Topics ranged from peer pressure to safety to preparing for college and life after high school, among many others.

    A special thanks to the following individuals/groups for coming to speak with high school students:

    • John Bayles
    • Ashley Carden
    • Cameron Cole
    • Chelsea Cloud
    • Greg Foster / KC Hairston
    • Mohini Gunnett, MD
    • Katherine Jordan
    • Jared Murray
    • Lars Porter
    • Mark Rector
    • Shane Martin / Holly Martin
    • Karen Svetlay / Whitney Voltz
    • Tommy Taylor
    • Kyle Speer / Brook Speer
    • Children's Hospital Team / MB Fire Department