MBS Announces Teachers of the Year

  • Pictures 2-7, left to right: Sims, Kirk, Holder, Carlisle, Stump, Rosentsiel

  • Thursday, November 10, 2022 – Mountain Brook Schools has announced its six Teachers of the Year representing each school in the MBS district. Congratulations to the following teachers:



    Subject / Grade Level

    Brookwood Forest Elementary

    Tanishia Sims

    Second Grade Teacher

    Cherokee Bend Elementary

    Lyndsi Kirk

    Literacy Coach

    Crestline Elementary

    Debbie Holder

    First Grade Teacher

    Mountain Brook Elementary

    Anna Carlisle


    Mountain Brook Junior High

    Debbie Stump


    Mountain Brook High School

    Bryan Rosenstiel

    AP Chemistry & Engineering Teacher

    The purpose of the Alabama Teacher of the Year program is to commend and honor excellence in education by identifying exceptional teachers, counselors, librarians, or other certified educators at the local, district, and state levels. 

    “These six individuals have been chosen by their colleagues and students to represent their school and do so daily,” MBS Professional Development Specialist Holly Martin said. “This is done through hard work and deep passion for students, colleagues, and the teaching profession.”

    All six teachers will now complete the Alabama Teacher of the Year application and in December, one elementary and one secondary teacher will be chosen to represent Mountain Brook Schools at the state level. If selected as the Alabama Teacher of the Year, they will serve as a full-time ambassador for the teaching profession during the 2023-2024 school year.

    The following quotes were a part of the Teacher of the Year nominations from these six teachers' colleagues:


    Tanishia Sims - Brookwood Forest Elementary

    “Ms. Sims helps to facilitate a classroom environment rich in relationships; students feel valued and capable. Support staff who work alongside her value how she communicates with them to ultimately help her students learn and grow. She is a lifelong learner and seeks ways to grow in her own practice.” -BWF colleague


    Lyndsi Kirk - Cherokee Bend Elementary

    “Mrs. Kirk knows that the expertise of her colleagues helps to make her and her students better, so she consults every person involved in a student’s learning to make sure she is doing everything she can to meet the individual needs of each and every student.” - CBS colleague


    Debbie Holder - Crestline Elementary

    “Debbie is an amazing teacher, colleague, and advocate for her 1st graders. She pushes her students to their potential and beyond with her in-depth knowledge of each individual child in her classroom. Her heart goes beyond her students and onto her colleagues as she shares her ideas and strengths with others.” - Crestline colleague


    Anna Carlisle - Mountain Brook Elementary

    “Anna leads from the heart every day. She is a vital part of our MBE family and the greater part of the Mtn. Brook community as the head school counselor.” - Colleague at MBE.

    Anna was also described as “detail-oriented, knowledgeable, approachable, trusted, and a good communicator” by multiple people.


    Debbie Stump - Mountain Brook Junior High

    “Mrs. Stump is the most supportive teacher I have ever met. She will do anything and go out of her way to help her students. It is impossible to leave her classroom in a bad mood.” - MBJH student


    Bryan Rosenstiel - Mountain Brook High School

    “Bryan pours his heart and soul into his students every day and is always seeking out ways to improve his teaching. He truly cares about his student's success both in and out of the classroom. In fact, you can often find Bryan at numerous events supporting not just his students, but all of the students at Mountain Brook High School. I cannot think of a better person to represent Mountain Brook High School and everything we value.” -Philip Holley, MBHS Principal