Spartan Sips: Coffee Cart

  • Wednesday, January 25, 2023 – Students in the Special Education program at Mountain Brook Junior High and Mountain Brook High School are bringing warmth to those around them with a smile and a cup of coffee each week. 

    At MBJH, “coffee cart” was established in August 2021 as an opportunity to deliver a cup of coffee three days a week to teachers and staff who sign up. Students assist with labeling coffee sleeves, putting sleeves on cups, putting tops on the cups, and organizing the cups on carts based on the teacher’s classroom location. Students walk around the building with their peer helpers and hand-deliver a steaming cup of coffee with a smile and a hug.

    “Coffee Cart has been an incredible opportunity for my students to practice following the steps to prepare the coffee orders, navigating the school, and greeting others during delivery,” MBJH teacher Jane Thornton said. “The students have been able to connect and build relationships with teachers and students throughout the school that they might not have met before. I am thankful for the support we have from the faculty and staff to help make Coffee Cart successful.”

    At MBHS, “Spartan Sips” started last semester, and students in the school’s Special Education program sell cups of cold-brew coffee to their fellow students each Friday from 7:45 to 9:00 a.m. in the mall. Students perform a variety of jobs including set-up, greeters, baristas to fill cups with ice, then coffee, cashiers, and clean-up. The class recently made its own uniform, a Spartan green apron.

    “Spartan Sips helps our students develop vocational skills as well as social skills,” MBHS teacher Millie Gannon said. “They have the chance to interact with peers and teachers and feel ownership within the MBHS community. Additionally, it’s a popular spot on Friday mornings, and everyone looks forward to hanging out in the mall and getting a little extra caffeine! “

    Leo Godwin’s story for MBHS Spartan 2 News on “Spartan Sips” can be seen by watching the video below.