MBE Houses Build Community

  • February 1, 2023 - Mountain Brook Elementary (MBE) has embarked on a journey with all of its students, teachers, and staff to cultivate more schoolwide community and expand connections beyond individuals and classrooms. The school's slogan "Lancers Lead from the Heart" was put at the forefront of this mission as the MBE Lighthouse (leadership) team brainstormed ideas. The group landed on the creation of five different houses, one for each of the values from the HEART: honesty, empathy, authenticity, responsibility, and tradition.

    As part of a gradewide celebration in front of the school, students spun a wheel to determine into which of the five houses they would be placed. Each student and faculty member has been inducted into a house and now has an extended schoolwide community to work alongside, grow and lead during their time at MBE.

    The creation of these houses is the third tier of a broader evolution of culture at MBE seeking to create community and develop leadership characteristics with all students and staff. Initially, the school established student leadership teams, placing an emphasis on leadership principles, goal-setting, and more. Afterward, the school implemented a "morning meeting" which is done around many of the Mountain Brook Schools. The morning meeting's goal is to build community within each classroom while placing an emphasis on social skills and character development.

    "We ultimately hope that these houses will continue to create schoolwide community, emphasize a sense of belonging, and help our MBE family build relationships with one another across the school and beyond," MBE Principal Ashley McCombs said.

    Click below to watch a video highlight of one of the house induction celebrations.