Respect: Showing others they are important by what you say and do
  • Respect

    SAY IT: Respect means showing others they are important by what you say and do. 

    KNOW IT: Ask a grownup - Who are some people in your life that you respect? How do you show them that you respect them? How does it make you feel when people who you respect?

                     Ask a kid: Who are some people you show respect to at school? What are some ways that you show respect?

    SEE IT:  Watch this video on Respect with Artie:   

    You might also want to do a little reading about dingoes as well.  How do the dingo puppies show respect to their parents? What might happen if they went too far away from their parents and the other adult dingoes?

    BE IT:  As a family, develop a "Top Ten of Respect." Come up with ten things you all agree on that would demonstrate that you respect others in the family. Make it a friendly challenge to see who can consistently perform all ten of the items on the list. To make it more fun, create a family respect song to help you remember to always show respect.