MBJH Opens New Building

  • Thursday, February 23, 2023 -- Mountain Brook Junior High students, teachers, and staff were welcomed into the brand-new, 43,000-square-foot building featuring 18 classrooms on Wednesday after just over a year and a half of construction. The work continues as the school will soon have an awning and the front of the new three-story building will be accessible and serve as the front of the school.

    "Having a quality environment paired with the quality education we're able to provide our students truly makes this one of the best places to be," MBJH Principal Donald Clayton said.

    Construction began in May 2021 tearing down the existing one-floor portion of the school campus. Smaller projects on campus took place while the three-story addition was built. The lunchroom was expanded while the auditorium was converted into a new, multipurpose room adjacent to the lunchroom which can be opened up as an expanded meeting space. A turret was built facing Overbrook Road above the library, which also received an upgrade both inside and out. The school's new building features a new counseling suite, nursing station, technology workspace and new locker rooms along with more hallways to better accommodate foot traffic from end to end of the school.

    "Overall, the new building and campus upgrades offer a fresh, modern learning environment that will undoubtedly serve the school's students, teachers, and staff well into the future," Clayton said.

  • Photos below begin in May 2021 through construction. Click here for a time-lapse of the project.