2023 MBHS Awards Day

  • Thursday, April 27, 2023 – Mountain Brook High School held its annual Awards Day in Spartan Arena on Wednesday morning to recognize students for their outstanding achievements. Various organizations and departments gave out awards while other groups recognized students for service.

    “As we wind up another school year, this is a great opportunity to recognize so many of our students for their academic accomplishments,” MBHS Principal Philip Holley said. “This is a reflection of all the hard work, time, and effort they put in during their time at MBHS.”

    As part of the ceremony, Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation Executive Director, Rachel Weingartner, and President Kristen Ritter announced that the senior class was able to raise a total of $70,000 for its gift to the foundation!

    The following students were recognized/awarded:

    Leadership Mountain Brook: Martha Anderson, Evelyn Berry, Hannah Blalock, Laura Buha, Randi Cron, Stutts Everette, Jackson Herron, Halli Hollingsworth, Lily Kate Johnson, Lauren Jones, Jack McDonald, Charlotte Robbins, Mallie Robinett, Oliver Salter, Abigail Sharp, Mary Frances Springfield, Henry Sullivan and Rachel White

    MBHS Teacher of the Year: Bryan Rosenstiel

    World Language Awards (click here)

    Sophomore and Junior Awards

    Rhodes College Book Award: Sorina Shirley

    Washington and Lee Award for Achievement: Libby Geisler

    Kevin Butrus Memorial Award for Outstanding Sophomore Boy: Cannon Mussafer

    Katie Sanfelippo Memorial Award for Outstanding Sophomore Girl: Martha Helen Burnette

    Hollins University Creative Writing Book Award: Mae Martin

    Rensselaer Medal for Math and Science: Lauren Weekes

    Sweet Briar College Book Award: Anna Prelipcean

    Bryn Mawr President’s Book Award: Ann-Massey Bowman

    George Washington University Book Award: Frederic Maldia

    Tulane University Book Award: Turner Holmes

    Wake Forest Book Award: Livy Holt

    University of Pennsylvania Book Award: J.K. Roberts

    Dartmouth College Book Award: Patton Hahn

    Harvard Book Award: Anne Lichty

    Yale Book Award: Jackson Short

    Titan Tutor Award: Ilana Touger 

    Honor Graduates

    Daniel Bracer-Ponton, Cate Cooper, Tommy Daley, Moira Dowling, Howie Eldridge, Vaughn Frost, Connor Jenkins, Elanor Kinderman, Margaret Krawczyk, Davis Lee, Sophia Li, Sims McElroy, Lilly Odom, Caley Record, Emily Straughn, Zach Touger, Libby Turner

    National Merit Finalists

    Virginia Averyt, Will Decker, Howie Eldridge, Vaughn Frost, Nate Holden, Davis Lee, Lilly Odom, Jackson Perkins, Caley Record, Carson Rehder, Libby Turner

    Business Completers

    Coleman Bates, Evelyn Berry, Hamilton Center, J.T. Christian, Addie Cobbs, Toby Conn, Graham Cooper, Lizzie Cooper, Rosemary Cooper, Sarah Beth Cowart, Ella Crane, Ian Davis, Andrew Dennis, Varin Dennis, Jack Echols, Owen Elgin, Carl Evans, Lawson Evans, William Evans, Pete Fruin, Thomas Gibbs, David Giordano, Leo Godwin, Alex Goodman, Miggy Grant, Julia Gresham, Julia Grooms, Jane Haley, Hunter Hinkle, Thomas House, Raines Jernigan, Catherine Johnson, Sophie Kampakis, Ainsley Kelley, Carter Kelley, Lucy Kerr, Sims Kilgore, Mary Jane Lassiter, Stephen Lilly, Britton Lobdell, Kerry Lyons, Lindsey Kate McElroy, Caleb Mumm, Ray Noojin, Olivia Norris, Andrew Parker, Katherine Pennington, Margot Phillips, Ellie Pitts, Ally Prater, Walker Ray, Charlotte Robbins, Maggie Robinson, Charlotte Roddy, Abby Seton, Asher Smokey, Barclay Stewart, Liza Thompson, Anne Coleman Troiano, Tate Wallace, Natalie Walters, Reghan Wilcox, Jack Windle, Katie Witcher, Brandon Woodworth


    Departmental Awards

    2-D Art

    Mallie Altmann

    3-D Art      

    1. Reid Harradine 

    1. Kendall Speer


    Creed Allen


    Zach Touger

    Business Education     

    Tate Wallace

    Career Cooperative Education

    Olivia Boomhover

    Career Focus               

    Sara Adams Garner

    Outstanding Leadership in Choral Music

    Libby Turner

    Computer Science

    Landon Friedman


    Sophia Li

    Peggy Carlisle Distinguished Drama Student Award

    David Chalmers

    Drawing and Painting 

    Simon Wang


    Elanor Kinderman


    Davis Gray


    Howie Eldridge


    Vaughn Frost


    Maggie Robinson


    Vaughn Frost

    Social Studies                       

    Vaughn Frost


    Allison Irby

    Pat Yates Spirit of the Theatre Award

    Chris Woodry

    Gary Weatherly Technical Theatre Award

    Andie Hites


     Academy of Craft Training

    Current Students

    Declan Smith, Hudson Reich, Thomas Luttrell

    Incoming Students

    David Grisham, Robert Richey, Weathers Wolsfelt


    Spartan Crest

    Creed Allen, Virginia Averyt, Abbie Bateh, Parker Addison Blakeney, John Carter, Lucy Clapp, Harry Clark, Ella Cobb, Olivia Comini, Cate Cooper, Kendall Crabtree, Tommy Daley, Sophie Claire Dixon, Moira Dowling, Jack Earnhardt, Ellie Fooshee, Anna Bella Foster, Vaughn Frost, Caroline Gillis, Brooke Glaub, Alex Goodman, Carter Goodson, Julia Grooms, Maddie Hazelrig, Jack Heaps, Caroline Heck, Elise Hemstreet, Ella Hicks, Sarah Inskeep, Connor Jenkins, Thomas Jackson Johnson, Lauren Jones, Sophie Kampakis, Elanor Kinderman, Margaret Krawczyk, Max Kuehnert, Mary Jane Lassiter, Rachel Lebensburger, Elizabeth LeDoux, Sophia Li, Alaina Long, Grayson Long, Reed McElroy, Sims McElroy, Kate McMillan, Molly Midkiff, Lilly Odom, Mac Palmer, George Pelekis, Jackson Perkins, Ellie Pitts, Mary Slayden Polmatier, Caley Record, Reagan Riley, Alex Roberts, Carson Rouleau, Denton Russell, Sawyer Simmons, Mary Frances Springfield, Clark Stewart, Trey Stiles, Emily Straughn, Breese Tierney, Zach Touger, Gann Trucks, Libby Turner, Grace Vaughn, Gracie Walker, Simon Wang, Reghan Wilcox, Palin Wilkinson, Chris Woodry, Trent Wright, Mary Ellen Yeager