Mountain Brook SRO Team Awarded

  • Monday, June 5, 2023 – The Mountain Brook Schools School Resource Officer (SRO) team was named the state's best SRO team for the 2022-23 school year by The Alabama Association of School Resource Officers (TAASRO). The recognition took place on Monday morning at the TAASRO Safe Schools Conference in Orange Beach.

    “They are an active part of the life in Mountain Brook Schools and our students, families, and staff are so grateful for the support and protection they provide on a daily basis,” Mountain Brook School Director of Student Services Amanda Hood said. “They are easily some of the most recognizable people on campus and known throughout our community as champions for our students and schools.”

    The SRO team serving and protecting those in Mountain Brook Schools are:

    • Corporal Glen White

    • Officer Tommy Tanner

    • Officer Daphne Horton

    • Officer Ro Burrow

    • Officer Lance Ziska

    • Officer Richard Knecht

    “We as a team are grateful for this recognition by the state and nomination from our local school administrators,” Corporal White said. “We are surrounded by students, teachers, staff, and parents who support us in our role. When you pair that with all of our community support, this truly is a special place to work.”

    Mountain Brook Schools Superintendent Dr. Dicky Barlow and the school’s Board of Education collaborated with the City of Mountain Brook in 2018 to ensure an SRO was on every school’s campus.

    “We are so thankful to our SRO team and truly appreciate our partnership with the city to have them in our schools and around our people,” Barlow said. “They are a high-performing and experienced group who value the relationships with the students, staff, and the school community.”

    Mountain Brook Police Chief Jay Loggins said this group is one of the most important units in the police department.

    “The men and women that serve as SROs develop relationships with the kids and parents that lay the groundwork for the interactions between the police department and the community,” Loggins said. “They not only love their job, but love the kids and the schools which they serve. The recognition of the best SRO Team comes as no surprise. They are loved by the school administrators, the parents, and most importantly, the kids.”

    The Mountain Brook SROs have over 100 years of combined police experience and have been specially trained to work in a school setting.

    “They are not only great officers, but great people,” Loggins said. “We are blessed to have each and every one of them.”