MBS Welcomes 36 New Teachers for 2023-24

  • Various pictures from the Mountain Brook Schools 2023 New Teacher Week.

  • Wednesday, July 26, 2023 – Mountain Brook Schools is pleased to welcome 36 new teachers to the school district for the 2023-24 school year. The group recently completed New Teacher Week which spanned four days and provided new teachers the chance to dig into the district’s purpose of providing an effective, challenging and engaging education for every one of its students.

    “Our goal with New Teacher Week is to not only welcome all of our new teachers but to bring them into our school community and help them understand our purpose and why we are here,” MBS Professional Development Specialist Holly Martin said. “This year we restructured our schedule in order to allow our new teachers to take in as much information as possible while fostering relationships with new colleagues.”

    New teachers spent two days hearing from the Mountain Brook Schools finance, personnel and technology departments before the ‘official start’ of New Teacher Week on Thursday, July 20. Thursday marked the beginning of three professional development days where sessions were divided into the district’s purpose statement examining ‘effective, challenging and engaging for every one of our students.”

    The annual New Teacher Breakfast on Tuesday, July 25 concluded the week as teachers heard from Amy Jackson, Katie Harrison and Anthony Marino, who all just completed their first year as a teacher in Mountain Brook. Their message resonated with new teachers.

    “I learned firsthand how Mountain Brook doesn’t just value education but how much we value the educator,” Jill Wiggins, an incoming 7th grade English teacher said. “We felt welcomed, we felt chosen and we developed an appreciation for how the community supports education. It was like no other New Teacher Orientation that I’ve ever experienced.”

    Mountain Brook’s 36 new teachers are originally from seven different states. They hold 24 master’s degrees and represent 15 different colleges and universities. The first day of school for students is Wednesday, August 9.

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