Dorians Win High Kick National Championship

  • Monday, February 5, 2024 – For the first time in school history, the Mountain Brook Dorians are national champions! The program traveled to Orlando at the beginning of February to compete in the Universal Dance Association’s National Dance Team Championship in the ‘Large Varsity High Kick’ division and ultimately won the competition!

    "As a former Dorian, I am so proud of what these girls have done for this program," Head Coach Anna Scofield said. "As the former 7th grade dance coach who has coached the majority of this team before, I’ve loved watching them grow and become masters of their craft. And lastly as this team’s coach, I am completely honored." 

    The program has participated in the event in years past with numerous top 10 finishes, including 4th place in 2023. The Dorians also finished in 8th place in the ‘Large Varsity Gameday’ division this year.

    “On behalf of Mountain Brook High School, I want to congratulate these girls and their coaches and sponsors,” MBHS Principal Carrie Busby said. “They have worked tirelessly and it is so special to see not only their success but their joy as a result of their years of hard work.”

    Over 6,000 students compete annually at UDA Nationals among 403 teams. A total of 981 coaches lead these programs, which hail from 35 different states.

    2023-24 Dorian team members include:

    • Polly Allbritton
    • Eva Andrews - Co-Captain
    • Marianna Averyt
    • Mary Carleton Baynes
    • Ann-Massey Bowman - Co-Captain
    • Katie Burns
    • Mary Mack Colvin
    • Katherine Dean
    • Amelia Fulton
    • Kathryn Gabberty - Co-Captain
    • Lauren Hassig
    • Audrey Irby
    • Amelia Jordan
    • Marie Claire Kampakis
    • Abby Norris
    • Ivey Patton
    • Anna Prelipcean- Captain 

    • Emily Anne Read
    • Eliza Rice
    • Anna Kate Russom
    • Frances Scott
    • Maggie Simmons
    • Ann Everett Simon
    • Frances Townsend
    • Manager: Bergen Wilkinson


    • Caroline Carmichael - Faculty Sponsor
    • Courtney Zajic - Assistant Coach
    • Anna Scofield- Head Coach