John Hunter Speaks to MBJH Students

  • John Hunter created the World Peace Game in 1978.

  • Friday, February 9, 2024 – John Hunter, founder and creator of the World Peace Game, spoke to 9th grade students in Mr. Paul Hnizdil’s class on Friday morning at Mountain Brook Junior High. 

    Hunter spoke to students about the inception of the game and encouraged them in their participation as he has seen the game in its entirety unfold around the world.

    “We are grateful to be the only school in Alabama to participate in the World Peace Game,” Hnizdil said. “Bringing the students outside of the classroom textbook and into a real simulation opens an entire new avenue for hands-on learning and has made an impact far beyond the walls of my classroom.”

    The game has been going on at the junior high since 2019 and former students (now at the high school) came to hear Hunter speak as well. The implementation of the game was made possible thanks to the Institute for Innovation grant from the Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation. It is played in multiple classrooms throughout MBJH and multiple faculty members have been trained to administer the game to students.