MBHS Seal of Biliteracy

  • The Department of World Languages of Mountain Brook High School hosted its first annual Seal of Biliteracy Awards Ceremony on May 1, 2024. In this ceremony, seniors were recognized for various levels of proficiency in two or more languages. 

    Sixty-four students achieved the State Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish, French, or Latin. Students earning the State Seal of Biliteracy have successfully completed four years of language study, have earned an Intermediate-3 or on their proficiency exams, have maintained a 2.5 English Language Arts GPA since 9th grade, and have scored an 18 on English or a 20 on the Reading ACT.

    There are two levels of distinction awarded to high school students who achieve the Global Seal of Biliteracy--Functional and Working. Our seniors earning the Functional Level Global Seal successfully completed four years of their language, scored at least 18 on the English ACT, and scored an Intermediate-4 or higher on all parts of their world language proficiency exams. We recognized 59 seniors who achieved the Functional proficiency of the Global Seal of Biliteracy.

    The highest level of achievement available to high school students for the Global Seal of Biliteracy is Working proficiency.  These students successfully completed four years of language study, earned an Advanced-1 on their proficiency exams, and scored at least a 21 on the English ACT. We were proud to recognize two students who achieved this level of proficiency, and we commend them on this outstanding achievement.

    Additionally, two students earned both the State Seal of Biliteracy and the Functional Level of the Global Seal of Biliteracy, attesting to their high level of proficiency in English, French, and Spanish. 

    The Global Seal of Biliteracy is more than just a certification; it is a passport to opportunity. It allows recipients to showcase their language skills to any school or employer across state lines and international borders. In today's global economy, proficiency in multiple languages has tremendous value, and employers want candidates whose skills are verifiable and comparable. We are proud that students of Mountain Brook High School are now part of this global community of bilingual and multilingual individuals.  

    "Our students have worked hard to develop their language skills, and we are thrilled to see their efforts recognized with both Seals of Biliteracy," said Heather Fitch, Mountain Brook High School World Languages Department Chair. Senior Mari Miller said, “The Seal of Biliteracy is a great way to round out your years as a language student. You can track your progress and growth, and it’s very fulfilling to have proof of your hard work. And it looks great on a resume.”


    State Seal of Biliteracy

    English and Latin

    Mary Jane Bussian

    Wren Emory-Johnson


    English and Spanish

    William Grier McDuffie


    State Seal of Biliteracy and Global Seal of Biliteracy-Functional Proficiency

    English and Latin

    Patton Hahn


    English and French

    Thomas Bazemore

    Randi Cron

    Camp Forbus

    Keagan Fowler

    Blayne Hannon

    Austin Langton

    Ella Lee

    MK Malone

    Ellie Strickland

    William Stringfellow


    English and Spanish

    Marisa Aljouny

    Nathaniel Allendorf

    Mackenzie Bass

    Lucy Benton

    Ann-Massey Bowman

    Sara-Katherine Bowman

    Laura Buha

    Sam Carroll

    Ann Coleman

    Carter Colvin

    Mary Mack Colvin

    Grant Cooper

    Tucker Crawford

    Lilly Cutshall

    Elizabeth Faulkner

    Kathryn Gabberty

    Sam Holmes

    Turner Holmes

    Livy Holt

    Grayson Hydinger

    Lily Johnson

    Pearl Kast

    Annie Lacey

    Mae Mae Lacey

    Thomas Lambert

    Harper Lee

    Anne Lichty

    Branum Lloyd

    Ham Mandell

    Gracie Meadows

    Maddie Miller

    Mari Miller

    Cowan Moorer

    Harrsion O’Dell

    Kate Peterson

    Anna Prelipcean

    Eliza Rice

    Lucy Ritter

    Kenneth Robinson

    Bradley Sauls

    Caitlin Speake

    Henry Sullivan

    Ella Suttles

    Greer Thompson

    Katherine Vardaman

    Rachel White


    English, French, and Spanish

    Emmanuel Lamontagne

    James Rooney


    State Seal of Biliteracy and Global Seal of Biliteracy-Working Proficiency

    English and Spanish

    Madison Dubrinsky

    Lauren Weekes