• How to Register for a session in STI-PD

    To register for a workshop/session, you must log on to the ALSDE STI Professional Development program.  The following link has been provided for your convenience:    https://pdweb.alsde.edu  or each school website has a link to STI-PD under the Teacher section.

    You already have an STI-PD account if you were a Mountain Brook Schools’ employee in 2013-2014.  Your Mountain Brook Schools login and password will be your STI-PD login and password, too.





    User Name

    Last Name, First Initial

    John Doe = doej


    Three Initials and last 4 digits of SS#



    Mountain Brook Schools

    Use Pull-Down Menu



    To see the catalog of sessions offered, click on the PD Titles tab.  Click on Search the PD Title Catalog.  On the right side of the screen, find the box titled PD Title Number, and type in MB-S14 in the box.  Press ENTER on the keyboard or scroll down and click SEARCH NOW.

    The summer workshops are listed alphabetically in STI-PD.  You can scroll through them to find the ones you are interested in or enter the specific PD Title number in the PD Title Number box. 

    (ExampleIf you want to register for Mentor Training, find it in the online catalog by scrolling down to the M’s.  Or, type in MB-S14103 in the PD Title Number box.  You must include the dash if you type in the PD Title number.)

    You will need to click View Schedule-List under the PD Title for which you wish to register.  This will allow you to view all workshop sessions available under a particular title.  You can enroll for your selected session at this point.  To register for the session, click on the ENROLL NOW button at the bottom of the session box. 

    Click YES to confirm your enrollment; you will receive a confirmation email about your session enrollment.

    If you have questions about how to register for sessions, contact Patsy Combs at 871-4608.