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  • Spanish III and III-Advanced self-portraits

    Posted by Joani Kay on 3/19/2019

    Instructor: Holly Alexander


    As we are studying the arts, Spanish III students are reading a novel about the life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who was famous for her numerous self-portraits.  To get closer to this concept, students used oil crayons to create their own self-portraits, complete with representative symbols from their own lives. 


    The self-portraits will hang in the 300 hall throughout the end of this semester.

    Expand for full viewing



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  • Presenter in Christi Elias classroom

    Posted by Joani Kay on 3/17/2019

    Instructor: Christi Elias


    Dr. James Donahue, a Thoracic surgeon from UAB, talked with students in Advanced Anatomy class. Thank you Dr. Donahue for speaking with our students. 


    Elias Class2

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  • Fine Arts to New York City

    Posted by Joani Kay on 3/15/2019

    Instructors: Gary Weatherly and Jesse Tilton


    Students from our Fine Arts Department visited New York City to learn about theater.


    • Attended six Broadway plays: Mean Girls, Dear Evan Hanson, Aladdin, Come From Away, Waitress, and Anastasia. 
    • Attended American Ballet Theatre production of Sleeping Beauty, a New York Philharmonic Shubert Symphony performance, and the New York Opera performance of Don Giovanni. 
    • Visited the American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim, and the Ellis Island Museum and Statue of Liberty.



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  • Learning Together

    Posted by Joani Kay on 3/1/2019

    Mountain Brook Junior High and Mountain Brook High School teachers started a new adventure in learning. Teachers are working together in an online course Diving Deeper Into Canvas.


    The time commitment is a 6 weeks, self-paced course where teachers have the opportunity to create pages, modules, assessment, and assignments. We are learning about the advantages of Canvas File Management, the powers of the Announcement and Calendar tools, and how to integrate certain 3rd party packages. Our goal is for the beginning Canvas instructor to become comfortable with basic Canvas features and to incorporate them as they work with students. 



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  • Can You Build the Structure to Support our Government

    Posted by Joani Kay on 11/29/2018

    Instructor: Coach Shane Martin


    Crush Day! Students love this assignment. The assignment is to create a toothpick structure with 3 base points to represent the government our founding fathers created.


    Next student place weights on the structure. Minimum: 35 lbs. Some were so successful, they even held students! So proud of them!



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  • Micro:bit in AP Computer Science Principles

    Posted by Joani Kay on 11/26/2018

    Instructors: Fred Major and Rhonda Guillory


    In AP Computer Science Principles, we have spent several weeks learning the syntax of the programming language Python.  The week of November 12, 2018 we began coding micro:bits using Python.  The small micro:bit has an LED display, an accelerometer, can capture button presses and can output data to speakers and other data collection devices.


    In the labs the students are creating code that is transferred to a computer chip and they have commented that it is interesting to see the results of their coding on an device external to the computer screen.  So far, they have learned how to output to speakers and how to capture input through button presses on the micro:bit.



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  • Technology Tuesday October 2018

    Posted by Joani Kay on 10/3/2018

    Instructors: Ginny Bakken, John Binet, Morgan Chatham, Jackie Hayes, and Michelle Holdbrooks


    Teachers presented for Technology Tuesday modeling a lesson using several easy to use tools. We think they may have had a little fun along the way from the look on their faces. Watch the video below. 


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  • Mountain Brook High School Hour of Code

    Posted by Joani Kay on 3/29/2018
    Instructors: Fred Major, Rhonda Guillory, Shelley Seary, and Suzy Ritter
    In February the MBHS AP Computer Science Principles classes conducted a Code.org Hour of Code with students with multiple disabilities.  The Computer Science students worked in small groups with individual students from these classes.
    The Hour of Code is an attempt to introduce many students to the basics of computer programming by creating games or stories from popular games or movies.  It allows more experienced students the opportunity to lead others in the basics in computer programming. All students are provided the opportunity to work together to create new versions of the popular games or stories they are working on.
    Hour of Code  


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  • Opportunity to Explore a Career Area

    Posted by Joani Kay on 12/5/2017

    Instructor: Jill McGee, Career Tech


    Workforce Development (COOP) 



    There are 59 students currently enrolled in the business department’s COOP program.  For the first nine weeks, these students collectively worked 5585.26 hours and received compensation totaling $46,779.22.  Ten of the 59 students are in internships and do not receive any pay.


    Cooperative Education provides students with the opportunity to explore a career area while earning school credit.  The goal of this program is to expose students to career opportunities, increase knowledge about the world of work and to assist students in making decisions about the future.  Students must work a minimum of 10 hours per week, obtain employment in an approved work environment (paid or unpaid) and complete an application process.  Applications are due at the same time of registration for the 2018-2019 school year.  Applications will be located on the school web site and in the front office.  Students do not need to have a job or internship secure until July, 2018.  Students can COOP 6 – 8th periods, 7 and 8th period, or just 8th period based on their needs.


    Currently, students are placed in an array of jobs/internships including:


    1. Doctors
    2. Lawyers
    3. Orthodontists
    4. Chamber of Commerce
    5. Retail
    6. Distribution Warehouses
    7. Cosmetology
    8. Non-profits
    9. Dance, Gymnastics, Pilates


    The possibilities are endless.  Students are responsible for securing their own job/internship and the employer/mentor must agree to host a COOP student and follow the school guidelines. Senior Farley Morris states, “I enjoy learning work skills that I can use later in my future career.  For two years, I have participated in the COOP program and have loved meeting new people who will help me further my career.”


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  • Students Earning Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications

    Posted by Joani Kay on 11/30/2017

    Instructor: Lori Beasley


    MBHS Business Technology Students have been working hard to obtain their M.O.S. (Microsoft Office Specialist) certifications. M.O.S. certifications are performance-based exams that are conducted in a simulated environment. Students complete business-style projects using the skills they have learned in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. By earning these certifications, the business students have gained a professional edge by presenting evidence of skill mastery in a globally recognized industry.


    Congratulations to the students in Ms. Hawkins’ and Mrs.Beasley’s classes who have earned over 140 M.O.S certifications during the fall semester.

    MOS Certifications

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