• Mountain Brook Schools has five counselors who divide their duties to better assist high school students. Karen Svetlay and Whitney Voltz, College Advisors, help all students with the college application process, course selection advice, scholarships and financial aid. Kenneth Harkless is a specialist in addictions counseling and is available for personal counseling. Rebecca Goodson (l0th/11th grades alternating years), Elizabeth Tiley (10th/11th grade alternating years), and Ellanor Dukes (12th grade) serve students in the areas of registration, career/vocational development, testing, and general counseling.

    All counselors work with students on issues affecting their academic performance and on issues of personal and social development. The counselors are available to parents for consultation and parents are encouraged to contact any counselor with questions regarding counseling services.

    All counselors are available to students and parents to assist them with any concerns they may have during the school year.  Mrs. Svetlay and Mrs. Dukes also work during the summer to assist students.

    Conversations with a counselor are typically confidential with the exception of situations in which the student has authorized the counselor to speak to someone else. In addition, there are a number of urgent situations which limit confidentiality:

    • Threat of harm to oneself
    • Threat of harm to another
    • Any report of abuse or neglect or suspected abuse or neglect
    • Reports of behavior which could reasonably lead to harm to self or others
    • Court orders requiring disclosure