• The World Peace Game 


    The World Peace Game is a hands-on, multi-dimensional, geopolitical simulation that emulates the experiences of world leaders. The goals of the simulation are both challenging and creatively demanding.  Each class at some point in the school year will take part in the simulation during the regularly scheduled class period over the span of three weeks.  During the simulation, students will be tasked with solving multiple global issues. 


    To be successful, students must demonstrate a myriad of knowledge and skills to include:

    • Implementation of historical content and historical thinking skills
    • Competency in effective collaboration and negotiation.
    • Strategic, innovative and creative problem-solving 


    MBJH Student, "The real world isn't black and white, and neither are the problems we have to face in the World Peace Game, so working with only one viewpoint will only lead to failure. Being able to work under stressful conditions, with actual consequences to each and every action is crucial to our ability to live in the real world."


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