• SOS is Students Organized for Service. The purpose of SOS is to promote good citizenship among students. The goal is to build a better world for students and others.

    Faculty sponsors: Marisa Burns and Nidia Fernandez-Lee
    Turning in service hours:
    1. If you have not used a spreadsheet, please download and print the service hours form linked below.
    2. You must have an adult sign for each of your service opportunities. If you have supporting documentation, you will attach it to the back of the service hours form.
    3. You are responsible for providing the TOTAL number of hours you worked. There is a space for it at the bottom of the service hours form.
    4. Your service hours form along with supporting documentation must by turned in by a designated date, usually around Spring Break. Please clearly write your first and last name at the top of the form, and your grade.
    5. Reminder: 30 hours required for a certificate; 100 hours required for a plaque and to be recognized at Honors Day.