• Welcome to Health

    A State High School Graduation Requirement

     One Semester


                The Health Education semester course will strive through lectures, readings, independent study, Google Classroom, Canvas, videos, and group interaction, to develop among our students the ability, knowledge, and motivation to make informed responsible decisions concerning their total well- being.  It is the goal of this course that each student will realize that total health is a result of the interaction between social, emotional, mental, environmental, and physical factors.  The course will be taught as a blended course which includes online and traditional instruction from the State Mandated Course of Study. 


    Course Outline

    Overall View- You and Your Health

                     Mental and Social Aspects                                 Abstinence Concerning Drugs

                     Goal Setting                                                       Disease

                     Physical Aspects                                                CPR

                     Nutrition                                                            First Aid