Advanced Biology


    This is an introductory course that encompasses all aspects of the study of life. The units of study include biological principles, cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, microorganisms, invertebrates, vertebrates, and plants. There will be numerous laboratory activities during the course of the year, providing students with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the principles covered in class. In addition to class discussion and laboratories, there will be projects that give the students an opportunity to further their knowledge of biological principles.


    Biology notebook (3-ringbinder)                                   

    Loose-leaf paper & dividers

    Graph paper                                                                    

     Pens and/or pencils


    Colored pencils                                                    

    Powder free latex gloves                                                 


    Grading Procedures

    All homework assignments, tests, and projects are written daily on the board and posted in Schoology. Academic integrity is an important aspect of Mountain Brook Junior High. Students are expected to do their own work at all times and work together and share information only when appropriate. This is expected in doing homework, class work, quizzes, projects, and tests. 
    The grade you receive in this class will be calculated from percentages (NOT total points). The categories and their percent weight are :

    Formative Assessment (minor) – 25% (may include daily work, homework, and some labs and quizzes) 

    Summative Assessment (major) – 75% (may include tests, formal lab reports and projects)

    It is very important that students turn in assignments when due.  Fifty percent credit of grade earned on late work will be recorded unless special arrangements have been made with the teacher. A zero will be recorded for any late or missing work after the unit test.

    The following policy will be enforced for all major projects that are turned in late:

    The student loses one letter grade for each day the project is turned in late. Fifty percent credit of grade earned will be recorded on any major assignment turned in more than three days after the due date. A zero will be recorded for late or missing major assignments after the unit test.


    Make-up Policy and Absences

    It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work missed while absent. Make-up tests will be given before school only – no class time will be used for make-up tests. Any labs missed will be made up at a time scheduled by the teacher.

    Class Rules

    1. Come to class prepared (notebook, pen/pencil, homework, journal, etc.)

    2. Do not disrupt the learning process of others.

    3. Follow all lab procedures and safety guidelines.

    4. Follow all school rules.

    5. Respect everyone all the time.

    Note: Lab safety is very important. Any action taken by the student during a laboratory exercise which could result in harm to himself/herself or another student will result in the student receiving a “0” for that laboratory exercise.


    Teacher Contact

    For students, I am available during AO and before or after school. I am eager to provide the best conditions for individual students to enhance their learning environment. Please notify me of any special needs that you may have or of anything I can do to help you do your best in this class.

    For parents, I look forward to meeting each of you during the school year. Please feel free to contact me about your child’s progress in class or any other concerns you may have. I can be contacted via e-mail or telephone/voice mail. I will return your e-mail or call as soon as possible.