Astronaut of the Week

    This year, each child will have a special week to be a star! We will get to know your child better and make him or her feel special all week long! 
    Please help your child design a poster filled with pictures to help us get to know him or her better.  You may include baby pictures through current photos.  Pictures of the family are great!  Please include pictures from sports, hobbies, special events, and family vacations.  Please help your child practice what he or she will say about the pictures.  Captions are helpful!  You may also allow him or her to bring trophies, ribbons, special artwork, etc. to share with the class.  Please send the poster to school on Monday of your child's week so that he or she can share it with us during Morning Meeting.  It will be on display all week, and your child will bring it home on Friday.
    Our Astronaut of the Week may invite a "celebrity reader" (someone special such as mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, etc.) to come read to the class on Friday from 12:00 - 12:20.  Please let your child help you (or the chosen celebrity) select several great books to read aloud and remember that you will have 20 minutes to read.  This is a special reading time only.  Please do not bring treats.  The focus is on enjoying some of your family's favorite books!  We invite the celebrity (and other guests if applicable) to stay for lunch.  Our lunch time ends at 12:55.
    The access code is on the first page of your child's agenda book.