• First Grade Information
  • General Information

    When children are absent for any reason, a written excuse should be submitted stating the cause of the absence,
    on the day he/she returns to school. The absence will be unexcused if the child fails to bring a note within 3 days. A note will be sent home after the first unexcused absence.  Five unexcused tardies in a given semester shall be counted as one unexcused absence. On the fifth unexcused tardy, the student will be counted absent.
    Birthday Parties
    Parents are welcome to send a treat to school for their child’s class to enjoy at lunch.  Candles and balloons
    are not allowed at school.  Children may hand out birthday party invitations at school if the entire class is
    invited, a boy invites all the boys in his class, or a girl invites all the girls in her class.
    • Children should bring his/her folder to school every day.
    • The folder will be used to carry home daily work, notes and information.   
      • All children have a lunch account number. Please include this number on any form of payment.
      • Deposits can be made daily from 7:40 -7:50.
      • When balances fall below $5.00, children will receive a reminder.
      • Parents are always invited to eat lunch after Labor Day.
    All medication should be taken to the office. 
    Children should bring a nutritious snack to school everyday(no candy).