Spartan Learning Center

  • Mountain Brook Virtual Program

    The purpose of the Mountain Brook Virtual Program (MBVP) is to provide students who reside within the residential zones served by Mountain Brook Schools the option to complete a program of courses to allow graduation and receipt of a standard diploma through an online, virtual program. Courses will follow the Courses of Study developed by the Alabama Department of Education and meet the standards established by the State Board of Education. The virtual option increases responsibility in personal time management, organization, self-direction, and personal discipline by the student to complete the course and school requirements.  The SLC is the testing center and workspace for all virtual students. 

    Supportive Placement Program

    The focus of the Supportive Placement Program is to provide a temporary, short-term supportive environment in which students can successfully work towards earning academic credits in spite of significant challenges that make it difficult to function at the referring school. Placement in the program is voluntary.  Some reasons for referral could include:

    • Lack of focus and success in a traditional academic setting
    • Mental/emotional needs
    • Overcoming significant life event
    • Transition from third-party setting, such as a hospital