• The City of Mountain Brook was incorporated in 1942. At that time, two elementary schools existed within the city boundaries that fell under the auspices of the Jefferson County school system. In June 1959, the Mountain Brook City Council decided to form a school system independent from the county system and appointed the first Mountain Brook Board of Education.

    The Board of Education acquired from the Jefferson County system the two elementary schools within its city limits, Crestline Elementary and Mountain Brook Elementary, along with a third school, Mountain Brook Junior High, which had been completed in 1956.

    As the population in the southern part of the city continued to grow, the decision was made to build a third elementary school, Brookwood Forest, which was completed in 1965. At the same time, the construction of a high school to serve the community was begun, and the doors were opened to its first students in 1966, with the first class of seniors graduating in 1968.
    The sixth school in the system, Cherokee Bend Elementary, was completed in 1969.