• A major effort in recent years to enhance an already strong system has been the infusion of technology into all of the schools and in all of the system’s day-to-day operations. All classrooms, media centers, offices, and computer labs, which house more than 2,200 computers/laptops, are connected to a Local Area Network. All six schools as well as the central office are connected with fiber optic lines to form the Wide Area Network. All computers are connected to the Internet and all have both internal and external e-mail capabilities. 

    In addition, each classroom is equipped with a telephone that serves as the school’s public announcement system and provides voice mail for each staff member. A district technology coordinator directs the efforts of six local school technology specialists and four district technical support specialists. All classrooms are equipped with a mounted data projector, document camera, sound enhancement system, and teaching computer; additional desktop computers are available in all elementary classrooms. 

    All schools have wireless networks for district-owned and personal devices. All schools have hardwired labs and wireless laptop labs as well as companion devices for teacher use and student use at a ratio of 1:1. All K-1 classrooms are equipped with mounted Promethean interactive whiteboards. Much more information regarding district technology can be accessed here.