• State Leader in Academic Performance: The Mountain Brook system has consistently led the state on academic performance measures. For example, on the 2012 Alabama Reading and Math Test administered to all public school students from grades 3 through 8, Mountain Brook students led the state at every grade level and in every subject area tested with 97–100% of students meeting or exceeding standards. The system would, of course, be expected to score well with the advantages of talented students, hard-working teachers, and supportive parents. A recent analysis of statewide scores on the Stanford Achievement Test indicated that Mountain Brook students’ actual scores exceeded their predicted scores at a rate higher than that of any other system in the state. 

    Almost All Students College Bound: Due to the high level of educational attainment among the parents in the community, virtually every student in the school system has aspirations of attending a college or university upon completion of his or her K-12 experience. These aspirations are usually fulfilled since on an annual basis, with 97-99% of the graduating seniors furthering their education. A small number of graduates enter the work force or military upon graduation. Since the vast majority of students will attend college, our school system does its best to provide a high quality of preparation for the collegiate experience. 

    Benchmarking Similar High Schools: Our system has engaged in national benchmarking activities for several years. A benchmarking study compares the achievements of students in our high school with high schools across the country that have been identified as “top public high schools in the nation” by such publications as Money, Parade, Redbook, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report. Statistics are gathered in regard to SAT and ACT scores, Advanced Placement scores, and percentages of graduates attending four-year colleges and universities. Mountain Brook students compare very favorably when measured against students from top public schools across the country.
    National Merit Scholarship Finalists: Additional evidence of success has been the large number of National Merit Scholarship Finalists who have attended Mountain Brook High School. Since the school’s founding in 1966, 762 of its students have been recognized in this national scholarship competition. Four Rhodes Scholars have also graduated from the high school.