Calendar/Newsletter I will email a newsletter each month. The calendar is linked from my homepage.  Each week, I will send a short newsletter outlining the upcoming learning targets and reminders for special events.
    Lunch – Each day, students have one lunch choice from the cafeteria. Students may also bring a lunch to school. Drinks are available to order. Children's lunches will be delivered to the classroom. A child’s lunch is $4.00, drinks are $0.75. Please add money to your child's account through the LinQ Connect link on the CES webpage. If your child does not have enough money in his/her account, a sandwich and a drink will be served. This year, we eat lunch at 12:30 p.m.
    Absences If your child is absent for any reason, please e-mail the office at cesabsences@mtnbrook.k12.al.us. When a student’s unexcused absences exceed 8 days, in any semester, the principal may refer the issue to the district attendance officer.
    Discipline – I give one reminder of the desired behavior. If the child continues, he/she must give his/her rainbow cube to the teacher. I will date and write a brief explanation of what happened on the behavior log (in take home folder). Immediate and natural consequences are often the best for young children. If disrupting the group, the child sits away from the class. If too rough on the playground, the child will sit out for a time. Please follow up at home to reinforce our class rules and praise good behavior. 
    Birthday Parties - We love to celebrate your child’s birthday! Your child may distribute birthday party invitations at school under the following conditions: the entire class is invited, a boy invites all of the boys, or a girl invites all of the girls.  Please do not send goody bags. If you would like to order a special snack through our Child Nutrition Program, contact our lunchroom manager at least one week in advance rodgersa@mtnbrook.k12.al.us.
    Labels - We suggest placing your child’s name on any item he/she brings to school, such as backpacks, lunch boxes, coats, sweaters, etc.  Labeled items tend to make it back to the classroom, but many items can be found in the Lost and Found hall of the gym.
    Medication - All medication should be taken to the nurse's office.
    Snack– Please send a spill-proof water bottle (with water) each day. Refills from the classroom water fountain are available as well.  The Star Student will provide the snack for each week. There will always be two options.  If your child requires a special snack due to allergies, please contact me.