• Tips to Get Your Child Writing



     As you write to family members and friends, ask your child to write or draw something especially for them to add to your letter.

    •   Give your child various topics to think about and then sit down

             together and write a story. 


    • Give them story starter ideas. 

    • Cut out pictures from magazines and write a sentence

    about that picture. 


    • Don’t be too concerned about grammar or spelling.  Pick on area during each writing session to focus on.  If you begin picking apart their entire piece, you will decrease their desire to write. 


    • Practice the weekly spelling and phonics rules so they will know how to break down difficult words and use the rules to spell unfamiliar words.


    • Read to your child.  Exposing children to books helps them see how different authors have different writing styles.  Children can gain ideas and create stories similar to a story you read to them. 


    • Write to your child.  Put notes in books, lunches, napkins, pencil cases, book bags, pockets.  That will put a SMILE on their face!


    • Subscribe to children’s magazines.  Children are thrilled to receive their own mail.  It is a good idea to see which magazines accept student writings or illustrations.  It would be a thrill for a child to see their own work published.