• Discipline Plan for Special Subjects
    Crestline Elementary School promotes learning for life in a caring
    environment dedicated to the total child. Art, Library Media, Music,
    and Physical Education play an important role in educating the
    whole child.
    We believe that all students are capable of behaving appropriately
    and that no student should be allowed to prevent optimum learning
    for others. In order to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to
    excellence in education, the special subjects have adopted the following plan.

    ABC’s of Expectations in All Special Subjects
    Always be attentive
    Be respectful (of people and property
    Control yourself  
    Do your best 
    Additional ABC’s for P.E.
    Always wear tennis shoes
    Be a good sport
    Verbal warning
    Time out
    Sign discipline log
    Parent contact
    Administrative Referral