• Mountain Brook High School

    Cross Country 2018-Summer Training

     To be ready for the fall, we must put in the time and the miles in the summer.  When practice starts in August, we will expect you to be ready to go.  Knowing how hard it can be to do it on your own, we will once again have our normal summer training schedule.  We will require that you attend a minimum of ten summer practices, but if you are in town, we expect you to be there


                            Monday:                        5:30 PM @ Crestline School (distance run)

                            Tuesday:                       6:30 AM @ Mtn Brook JH (hills)

                            Wednesday:                   5:30 PM @ Trak Shak Homewood (distance run)

                            Thursdays:                     6:30 AM @ Mtn Brook JH (light intervals) OR

                                                                7:00 AM @ Red Mountain Park (long run)


    Calendar Link:




    That gives you four opportunities a week to run with a group.  We are asking that you wear a running watch to practice every day to help monitor your progress through the summer.  We will start this schedule on June 4.   This schedule will run all summer.  Mandatory practice will begin August 6th. 


    Weights:  We cannot stress enough the importance of building up your overall strength levels.  In our program, we have seen people make drastic improvements by committing themselves to the weight room.   The high school weight room is scheduled to be refurbished this summer so it may not be available.  If you are interested in a weight program, the coaches will post a list of exercises that can be done at other locations.    


    Physicals:  You should have a physical done at the end of April at the high school.  We have to have it by the first day of practice. Failure to have a physical by the first day will count as an absence.   You can turn it into Michelle O’Connor’s box at the high school.  Physical forms are available on the Mountain Brook High School athletic web page. 


    Cross Country Camp: This summer we are recommending anyone that wants to go to a camp to attend the Wide Open Camp in Cullman from July 23-27.  This is a great camp with a lot of soft surface running.  Information about this camp can be found here:  https://wideopencamps.com/


    First Day of Practice:  The first official day of required practice will be Monday August 6th , at 4:00 PM at the high school.  We will run the course for the time trial which will be held the next day August 8th at 6:30 AM.  We will practice that week and then take Monday, August 13th off, before school starting on August 14th


    Team Evaluation: We will again this fall be limiting the size of our squad.  We will use several criteria to determine the teams. There will be no set number of varsity runners. It will be based on how many athletes we feel can handle the regiment of varsity training and their performance in past seasons and time trials.


    1. Summer practice attendance-10 practices are required to be considered for the team.  Failure to accumulate 10 will automatically remove you from consideration.  We must know of any conflicts before school is out in writing and signed by you and your parents. If conflict is accepted, we will set up an alternative training program for you to enter into a log, due before time trial.  These conflicts are not because of taking a lot of vacations.
    2. Time trial results-The following minimum marks must be met on the two mile time trial in order to be considered for either squad.

                                BOYS                GIRLS

                     Soph    14:15                16:45

                   Junior    13:15                15:45

                    Senior   12:15                14:45


    For every extra 5 practices you attend after your required 10 in the summer, you will get to subtract 15 seconds from your time.

    After the time trial, rosters for the varsity and junior varsity will be determined and posted and those not making the squad will need to change their schedule before the first day of school. 

    We are all looking forward to a great summer and even better fall.  If you have any questions or problems during the summer, please contact Coach McGovern or Coach Molloy


                Coach McGovern                                     Coach Molloy

                 (205) 612-0468                                      (804) 363-5633

                mcgovernm@mtnbrook.k12.al.us              susanmolloy@ymail.com