• Descriptive Outline:

    Use this outline to write your descriptive essay about your pet or favorite place.


    I. Introduction:

    A. Background info

    B. Physical description- sight

    C. Detail #1 of what you see_______________________________ Give an example

    D. Detail #2 of what you see______________________________Give an example

    F. Prepositional phrase to show spatial organization_________________________


    II. First Sense: Choose sight, sound, feel, taste, or smell________________

    A. First detail you are going to describe____________________________

    B. Incident__________________________________

    C. Second detail_________________________________________________

    D. Incident_______________________________

    E. Third detail____________________________________________________

    F. Incident_______________________________


    III. Second Sense: ________________________________________________

    A. First detail you are going to describe______________________________

    B. Incident______________________________________________________

    C. Second detail you are going to describe__________________________

    D. Incident____________________________________________________

    E. Third detail you are going to describe___________________________

    F. Incident_____________________________________________________


    IV. Third Sense of unforgettable memory________________________________________________

    A. First detail you are going to describe_______________________________

    B. Incident_______________________________________________________

    C. Second detail you are going to describe____________________________

    D. Incident______________________________________________________

    E. Third detail you are going to describe_____________________________

    F. Incident______________________________________________________



    V. Conclusion:

    A. Give the Aura of the whole place that you are describing.

    B. Give a general and specific feeling and summarize what is special about it.

    C. Include a memory or experience that happened there.


    NOTE: Description uses adjectives, similes, metaphors, and personifications.

    Putting the description into an incident means what you “do” with the person/place related to that sensory detail. This is “showing and not telling.” You describe by using senses and then you show how that works in real life.