About MBE Technology


    • MBE Classrooms are equipped with a projector, teaching computer, DVD/VCR, sound system, document camera, and a teaching iPad and/or Chromebooks. Grade K-1 classrooms are equipped with a Promethean Board. We have a Promethean Board in use in one 2nd grade classroom and our special education resource room.
    • Grades K-6 have a shared laptop cart. 
    • All students have Chromebooks in their classroom.  We have one device for each student.
    • Grades K-6 have 3-5 additional class iPads for student use that they can pool from their grade level to do whole class instruction if needed.
    • Chromebooks will print to network printers.
    • All MBE computers have copier printing capabilities. Each grade level/area/office has a network printer or two in close proximity. 
    • The MBE Library has several search stations as well as a set of Chromebooks for use with classes.
    • Grades 4-6 utilize Canvas, Learning Management System, to conduct online and blended learning opportunities.
    • All MBE teachers and students have Google users with Google Drive and Classroom. Student Google Gmail is restricted for K-5 students and filtered for grade 6 students. 
    • All MBE students and staff have a personal network drive and a shared drive space that is backed up on our server. 
    • All MBE teachers have various software access that are appropriate for their grade-level resources: Brainpop, Typing Agent, ExamView, Seesaw, etc.

MBE 2019-2020 Technology Team

    • Mary Margaret Moore, Pre-Kindergarten
    • Mitchell Nelson, Kindergarten
    • Julie Cox, First Grade
    • Julie Tuck, Second Grade
    • Judith Dyess, Third Grade
    • Ashley Margaritis, Fourth Grade
    • Bill Andrews, Fifth Grade
    • Bethany Tompkins, Sixth Grade
    • Cynthia Maldonado, Special Education
    • Matthew Cain, Specials
    • Ashley McCombs, Administrator
    • Kiesha LeRoux, Technology Coordinator