• Project Options for 2014 Creative Writing Semester:


    The project is writing that is done above and beyond our class assignments.  Part of every extended period will be given to students to work independently, or in groups, on a project of their choice.  There are many options, and if a student comes up with their own idea, I am completely open for them to pursue it. The project will be presented in the last two weeks of class in December.  Every Thursday, during extended Creative Writing period, I will give as much time for students to work on this project.


    Some Possible Project Options:


    1.     Write an author study and create a power point of the history of any author you choose. If you need suggestions of authors and writers to create this history, ask Dr. Beenken.


    2.     Create a Reader’s Theater presentation with a small group of your classmates around one of the topics suggested, or find your own topic to make a presentation around.


    3.     Write the first few chapters of a novel using “The Junior Secret Noveling Club,” or another one of the links on my Moodle page.


    4.     Write a biography of an ancestor or relative and make an i movie of that person.


    5.     Write a book of letters to an imaginary or real soldier from the past or present- ( Viet Nam, Iraq, Iran, etc. ) Write creatively about your life here and how you miss  this person. You can establish a fictional character to write to, or if you know someone in the military, you can write to a real person. At least 10 letters should be included in the project.


    6.     Using some of the guidelines of the poetry project online, make a book of poetry and add your own poems to it.


    7.     Write a children’s book and illustrate it and publish it online.


    8.     Write a championship essay and submit it to a national essay competition.

    Create your own personal journal of ideas, and choose one from your own options.