Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Scheirer

Goal Statement:  Our main goals in class are for the students to learn to appreciate other cultures and to communicate in Spanish, using the following skills:

1. Listening
2. Speaking
3. Reading
4. Writing

Student Expectations:

1. Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings, with your Chromebook (charged), notebook and pencil READY to WORK!!

2. Raise your hand to speak.  Talk ONLY WHEN CALLED UPON during the lesson.  Keep voices soft during discussions and partner practices.

3. Observe respectful behavior towards teachers, substitute teachers, and students.  Behavior problems will not be tolerated. NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED and NO GUM!


(Spanish notebook)

Every student is required to keep a notebook for Spanish class.

To make your study of Spanish and notebook organization easier, set up your notebook as follows:

VOCABULARIO - vocabulary from the chapters in the textbook and from the board.  Copy all words into your cuaderno and memorize them!

APUNTES - class notes, cultural notes, and handouts. 

VERBOS - Verbs conjugated from the board and text, both in class and at home.

TAREA - homework, classwork, and pages from the workbook and other sources.  Place everything that's graded but NOT a Prueba in this section! 

PRUEBAS - quizzes/assessments- announced and pop.  You will occasionally be allowed to use your cuaderno with quizzes!

¡NO OLVIDES!  Don’t forget!  Keeping a complete and neat notebook makes preparing for tests and quizzes much easier.  It may come in handy if there is ever a discrepancy between what I say and you say about an assignment.


¡BUENA SUERTE!  Good luck!


To create international (Spanish) characters with a U.S. keyboard

á é í ó ú            CTRL + ’ (apostrophe), the letter

Á É Í Ó Ú        CTRL + ’ (apostrophe), shift + the letter

ñ                      CTRL + shift + ~ (tilde), the letter

Ñ                     CTRL + shift + ~ (tilde) + the letter

¿                      CTRL + ALT + shift + ?

¡                       CTRL + ALT + shift + !



+          means type all these keys together

,           means lift fingers, then type next group  

Grading Policy-

Your grade is calculated with the following formula:

Spanish 2 ADVANCED:

ASSESSMENTS:  Quizzes and Tests (Subcategories: Vocabulary 20%/Grammar 20%/Communication 50%)              90%


ENGAGEMENT: Homework/Classwork/Lab/Participation/Culture                                                                             10%