Picasso's Don Quijote

    Students in Spanish 2/2 Advanced will participate in one "Conexión Cultural" per nine weeks.  These will be mini cultural experiences that will take place on a specified Extended Day period (Schedule B) during each grading period- the dates to be announced.  Each student will present their connection when assigned.

    Students will sign up with the teacher for ONE of these experiences (a different connection for each nine weeks) that focuses on a specific Spanish-speaking country, its influential peoples, and its food/drink:

    1.  A Poster Report/Power Point/Google Slides Report on the assigned Spanish-speaking country or a famous person from that country-

     Research a famous hispanic person, country or custom and prepare a short report - at least 2 pages typed, double-spaced. The report is then given orally to the class on a pre-arranged date.  Along with the oral and written report,  the student will create a visually attractive poster (or bring in visual materials) with pictures or drawings and important information about the topic. OR-If you choose to create a Power Point presentation, it must have a minimum of 20 informative screens and your report will be given in IGNITE style. OR- If you choose to create a glogster, it must have a minimum of 20 "facts".  You will also be required to present this project orally.

    2. A typical main dish from the assigned country- The student will prepare the assigned recipe for all to sample.  When bringing the food to school, it must be in a proper container (like a crock pot for paella to keep it warm) and the student must bring the appropriate serving utensils (large spoons, pitchers, scoops, etc.).  The student must also bring cups, plates, forks, spoons and napkins to serve classmates, as needed. The Administration requests that all food items be brought to the classroom BEFORE school begins.  There will not be a place for delivery of food items during the school day.

    3. A dessert or appetizer from the assigned country (see above)

    4. A typical drink or an appetizer/side dish from that country. 

    Cultural Connections assignments are a 50 point Comunicacion grade for each nine weeks grading period!  More information to follow from Sra. Scheirer!!

    Spanish 2 ADVANCED students will have an additional project for each semester.  The first semester's project is making an OFRENDA and second semester they will make a PIÑATA in the traditional method.  Sra. Scheirer has instructions.