No put downs
    Active listening
    Personal best
    Respect your neighbor

    Students are expected and encouraged to be engaged in class discussion, class assignments, and group projects. Assignments and homework are to be handed in on time, and late work will be accepted, but will be penalized grade-wise.
    Students are expected to come to class with the necessary books, materials, notebooks, and pens and pencils.
    Students are expected to follow school rules within the confines of the classroom, as well as follow the classroom boundaries we have collaboratively set together. The above list is a list of behaviors students have collectively decided should be exhibited within our classroom.
    Expectations of student behavior also move beyond the physical to the academic area. Students are expected to think critically, work collaboratively, and read carefully during the class period.
    Students are expected to do homework and think carefully about assigned work.
    Students are expected to complete all writing assignments thoughtfully, and carefully attending to detail.
    Students are expected to contribute and share with the class in formal and informal ways. Writing will be shared, and students will be expected to be involved in class discussion and peer editing.
    Students hopefully will have fun as they get involved in the process of discovering the intricacies of language, writing, reading, poetry, and critical analysis.