• Freak the Mighty Reading Guide Questions:


    Chapter 1 and 2:


    1. Who is telling the story?

    2. Why is Max given the nickname of Kicker while in day care?

    3. Why do you think Max feels that “hug stuff” is a rotten lie?

    4. When has Max previously seen the person who later pairs up with him to become “Freak the Mighty”?

    5. What attributes does this boy have that make him easy for Max to recognize?

    6. What opinion do you think Max has of himself as the story begins?

    7. Why do you think he feels this way?

    8. With whom does Max live?

    9. Why?

    10. What happens on the first day of July in Max’s neighborhood?


    Chapter 3 and 4:

    1. Why does Max go over to Kevin’s backyard?

    2. What do the boys do after the bird is rescued?

    3. Why does Max take Kevin over to see the “down under?”

    4. Why does Kevin call his mother “Fair Gwen of Air?”

    5. Why is Kevin so interested in King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table?

    6. What is Max thinking s Gwen takes Kevin home?


    Chapter 5 and 6:

    1. What is Max’s time out?

    2. Where in his room does Max go in order to get to his time out?

    3. Why does Gram come to Max’s room?

    4. How does Max reply to Gram’s calling Kevin a “poor boy?”

    5. What is it about Max that startles Gwen when she first sees him?

    6. Why does Max feel that everyone thinks it a “big deal” that he looks like his father?

    7. Do Max, Kevin, and Gwen enjoy their time together?

    8. Why is this forth of July special for Max?

    9. What happens on the way to the millpond?

    10. Why does Max put Kevin on his shoulders?


    Chapter 7 and 8:

    1. When Kevin is on Max’s shoulders, do both boys see the same things?

    2. Where do the boys have to go to get away from their pursuers?

    3. How do max and Kevin get out of the pond?

    4. When asked for their names, what does Kevin reply?

    5. How do Grim and Gram react to Max’s pond adventures?

    6. How does Kevin change Max’s summer routine?

    7. While Max provides the foot-power for Freak the Mighty, what does Kevin provide?


    Chapter 9 and 10:

    1. What does Freak reply when Max asks: “How do you know which way is East?”

    2. What is the destination of Freak the Mighty in Chapter 9?

    3. Does Max believe Freak’s explanation?

    4. What does Max understand about this quest?

    5. What is the purpose of the next quest for Freak the Mighty?

    6. In what way is this quest to be different from others?

    7. What does Freak the Mighty retrieve from the storm drain?


    Chapter 11 and 12:

    1. What does Kevin explain to Max about quests and promises?

    2. What do Kevin and Max each gain by being Freak the Mighty?

    3. Who does Freak the Mighty meet when returning the purse?

    4. Why is Freak the Mighty allowed to leave the Lees’ apartment without being harmed?

    5. Why is Max allowed to be in the same classes with Kevin?

    6. How does Kevin restore order in English class on the first day of school?

    7. What does Kevin do to show Mrs. Donnelli how he is sometimes more than Kevin?


    Chapter 13 and 14:

    1. By October, how are things going at school for Kevin and Max?

    2. What is the opinion of Max’s reading skills tutor?

    3. What does Kevin do to help Max?

    4. How is Max doing with his writing?

    5. What happens first on Friday the 13th?

    6. Why do you think Max gets so upset?

    7. What happens in the cafeteria at lunch on the 13th?

    8. When is the next upset in Max’s life?

    9. What has Grim already done to help Max?

    10. What does Max promise Grim?


    Chapter 15 and 16:

    1. How does Grim differentiate between lies and tales?

    2. What is the shape of the box that Kevin has made for Max’s gift?

    3. What gift has Kevin made for Max?

    4. What happens during the night while Grim, Gram and Max are sleeping?

    5. Is Max surprised to see his father?

    6. Where does Killer Kane take Max?

    7. Are the Kanes going to stay with the Lees?


    Chapter 17 and 18:

    1. Where do Max and his father stay on Christmas Eve?

    2. How is Max treated by his father?

    3. What does this treatment indicate to you about Killer Kane?

    4. Why does Killer Kane wake Max before daybreak?

    5. Do you think Max believes his father?

    6. What does Max notice as he looks at his father’s face and listens to him speak of injustices he has experienced?

    7. What are Killer Kane’s plans for the future?

    8. When Iggy comes to the apartment, what does he report to Killer Kane?

    9. What does Killer Kane need from Iggy? What do you think Killer Kane would do if he did not have help from Iggy?


    Chapter 19 and 20:

    1. Why do Max and his father leave the apartment?

    2. Does Killer Kane trust Max? How do you know?

    3. After Killer Kane goes upstairs to look around, who comes downstairs to help Max?

    4. What does Loretta whisper to Max as she tries to unite the rope’s knots?

    5. Does Loretta free Max? What happens next?

    6. What causes Killer Kane to shift his attention from Loretta to Max?

    7. How does Kevin come to Max’s rescue?

    8. What is really in the squirt gun?

    9. What is happening to Max, Kevin, Loretta, and Killer Kane as Chapter 20 ends?


    Chapter 21 and 22:

    1. What does Max take with him when he walks to the hospital to be near Kevin?

    2. Is Max allowed to see Kevin? Why or why not?

    3. What does Kevin reply to max’s question as to when he is coming home from the hospital?

    4. What does Kevin want Max to do with the book of blank pages?

    5. Why does Max’s visit with Kevin end? What do you think might have happened if Kevin had not been in the ICU?

    6. Max leaves for the hospital before daybreak the next day. Why?

    7. What is Max’s reaction to the situation?

    8. How does Dr. Spivak explain Kevin’s fantasy to Max?


    Post reading:

    1. What do you think the lives of Max and Kevin would have been like if they had not met?

    2. Why do you think they became such good friends?

    3. What qualities do you think make a person a good friend?

    4. What are some of the things over which Max and Kevin had no control?

    5. What do you think Max’s life will be like from this time forward?

    6. What is the theme?

    7.What do you think is the most important thing to remember about this story?

    8.Which story character can you identify with the most?

    9.What is your opinion of the ending of the novel?
    10. Would you recommend this story to someone else to read?

    11. Describe your favorite scene from the book.