• Miracle Worker Review:


    Where does the Keller family live?

    Where were Annie and Helen educated?

    What is a protagonist?

    What is the role of a protagonist in a story?

    What might be a theme of the Miracle Worker?

    Annie Sullivan’s background: What was it that affected Annie’s family in Ireland?

    What was the first word that Helen understood that Annie taught her?

    The family gives Helen sweets and what does that do to Helen?

    What are the conflicts in the play between Annie and Helen, Captain Keller and James, and Annie and Captain Keller?

    Why does Annie keep hearing Jimmie ( her brother’s voice)?

    Captain Keller gives Annie another chance because …..?

    What is Annie’s main worry with Helen when she is teaching her?

    What is the climax of this play?

    Annie, too gets release of a fear- what is it?

    What was it that Annie wanted to teach Helen in order to understand the world?

    Annie compares her efforts to help Helen with what?

    The children at the Perkins Institute give Annie something to give to Helen- what is it?

    Why does Annie wear dark glasses?

    What type of people live at Tewksbury?

    Who is Mildred Keller?

    What actually is Annie trying to teach Helen?

    What is Kate afraid of that will happen with her relationship with Helen as a result of Annie being there?

    What does James Keller want ?

    Who is Annie talking to in her flashbacks?

    Who locks Annie in her room when she arrives?

    What does Annie ask for at the end of the two weeks in the garden house from the Kellers?

    When Helen was a baby, she said a word- what was it?

    How old was Helen when Annie became her teacher?

    What  is Annie’s goal at the breakfast table- what does she want to teach Helen?

    What does Annie mean when she says, “obedience without understanding is blindness.”

    What are some of the flashbacks in this story?