• Greek Mythology Advertisement- 20 points


    Pretend you are a marketing or advertising firm agent.  You have been hired to create a business name, slogan and billboard for a brand new corporation in Birmingham.  You get to choose what the company’s product is or what type of service they provide.  Once you have chosen the type of company, you will create an original name that alludes to or references Greek mythology.  Then on a piece of construction paper or half sheet of poster board, create an ad for a bill board on the side of a highway.  You will need to include the name of the business, the creative slogan for people to remember and a visual graphic or illustration to catch people’s eye.  Your company name and slogan must make sense and the illustration must be appealing.


    Company Ideas:

    1. fish farm

    2. music store or company

    3. messenger service

    4.      phone company

    5.radio station

    6.wax museum

    7.make-up brand or store

    8.      television station


    10.  archery shop

    11.    sports goods

    12.   jewelry store

    13.   pet shop

    14.   flower shop

    15.   garden shop




    Rubric: 20 points

    ·        7 points- name is related to Greek mythology and the reference makes sense

    ·        7 points- slogan is catchy, short, makes sense and grammatically correct

    ·        6 points- graphic or illustration is neat, colorful, appealing and relating to the company name and slogan.