• Mythology Project


    You must choose at least 2 options to total 75 points for this project.


    1.Descriptive Essay- 50 points

    Write a five paragraph essay describing one god/goddess. Based upon what we have learned in class about that god or goddess, use your imagination to decide what sights, smells, tastes, sounds, and feelings you would associate with that god or goddess. Then, choose at least three of those senses and expand upon them to make your three main points of the essay.



    2. Character Compare/Contrast Essay- 50 points

    Write a five paragraph essay comparing and/or contrasting 2 characters from any of the myths we have read. You will probably want to draw a Venn Diagram or T-chart to help you brainstorm. Some ideas are Cronus and Uranus, Gaia and Hera, Hephaestus and Ares, Gaea and Uranus. Consider their physical appearances, personalities, and contributions to society.  You may also want to choose your own pair of characters for this.


    3.Myth Compare/Contrast Essay- 50 points

    Write a five paragraph essay comparing and/or contrasting one of the myths we have read to a contemporary religious story. You will probably want to draw a Venn Diagram or T-chart to help you brainstorm. Some stories that you may want to review are “Pandora’s Box,” “Deucalion’s Flood,” or “The Golden Age.” Of course, you could probably find similarities or differences  in most all of the stories we have read!


    4- Creative Writing- 50 points

    Write you own myth using one of the provided natural phenomenon, religious practices or moral lessons to explain and at least 2 gods or goddesses in character to complete the story. You must also create your own original mortal characters as the humans in the story, who will interact with the gods/goddesses. Your story should be typed and double-spaced. It should be at least one and a half typed pages long.



    5.  Goddess Shield Craft Project- 25 points

    Look back over the gods and goddesses in “The Palace of Olympus” on page 473-478 and pick one that you would want to represent your life. Then, following the directions provided on your rubric sheet, make a shield for that god or goddess. You will need to bring your own materials for the project if you wish to work on this in class.


    6.Comparative Poster-20 points

    Choose one of the gods or goddesses we have studied, and think about his or her behavior, personality, habits and relationships.  Then, brainstorm about someone in today’s world that you think exemplifies the god or goddess.  You must have at least three reasons that you think he or she is a modern day version of the god or goddess to prove that it is an accurate comparison. Using construction paper or a half of a poster board give an illustration of the god/goddess and the modern person you have selected.  Try to include symbols of the traits they share in your illustration.  (you do not have to “draw” these by hand necessarily)  Then give one or two sentences for each characteristic that they have in common below the illustrations.


    7. Advertisement Poster-20 points

    Pretend you are a marketing or advertising firm agent.  You have been hired to create a business name, slogan and billboard for a brand new corporation in Birmingham.  You get to choose what the company’s product is or what type of service they provide.  Once you have chosen the type of company, you will create an original name that alludes to or references Greek mythology.  Then on a piece of construction paper or half sheet of poster board, create an ad for a bill board on the side of a highway.  You will need to include the name of the business, the creative slogan for people to remember and a visual graphic or illustration to catch people’s eye.  Your company name and slogan must make sense and the illustration must be appealing.


    8. Song Lyrics – 15 points (+5 possible extra points)

    Pick a familiar tune that you know, like a theme song from a show or a well known jingle, and create a whole new set lyrics for it. You may either write about a god or goddess and describe him or her, or you may summarize one of the myths we have read in class in your song. Take the description or summary and put it to the rhythm and tune of the song you chose to create a whole new song. Don’t forget to give your song an original title.  You can receive an extra 5 points on this project by performing the song in your presentation.


    9. God/Goddess Interview -20 points

    Pretend you are a reporter for a local magazine or newspaper. Pick a god or goddess to interview in your article. The interview should have a brief five sentence introduction, twenty questions and answers in Q&A format, and a brief three sentence conclusion. Remember that your god’s or goddess’s responses should be authentic and based on that god’s or goddess’s characteristics.


    10. New Myth Lesson Plan-25 points

    You will choose a new myth to read and create a pretend lesson for the class. Create a graphic organizer (a worksheet that is visually appealing) that has a place for students to fill in vocabulary, character description, theme, plot, and conflict. Then, create an answer key for the graphic organizer. The graphic organizer should have a picture that helps the student remember what the story was about. If you need an example, look at your “Narcissus,”  “Daedulus and Icharus,” or “After the Earth Appeared” worksheets that we worked on in class.




    You will have about three days in class to work on this project. Besides the 100 point grade, you will also receive a 15 point grade based on your work ethic in class and a 15 point presentation grade, where you will share your project with the class. You should come prepared to work, with all the materials you will need on each of the work days.


    Your class presentation grade will be calculated by your seriousness as your present, your volume and rate of speech (how steady and how loud you talk), and your attentiveness to other presenters.


    Class Work Days



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