• God/Goddess Shield Craft Project- 25 points


    Look back over the gods and goddesses in “The Palace of Olympus” on page 473-478 and pick one that you would want to represent your life. Then, following the directions below, make a shield for that god or goddess. You will need to bring your own materials for the project if you wish to work on this in class.


    1. Using construction paper or poster board, cut any shape for shield.

    2. Draw one of the gods’ or goddesses’ symbols or emblems on the paper.

    3. Decorate the shield with other designs that represent your character. You may use graphics or cut-outs, if you wish.

    4. Make sure your god’s or goddess’s name is clearly written on the shield.


    Some Examples:





















    Rubric:  25 points


    Content- 13 points

    ·         Shows understanding of Greek god or goddess by using accurate symbols to depict their area of power

          Design- 12 points

    ·         Shield is neat and colorful

    ·         Creative materials

    ·         Student followed directions for making project above