• On- Line E Day Original Myth Instructions-50 points


    Learning Targets: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15


    Assignment: Write your own original myth explaining one natural phenomenon, religious practices or moral lesson and at least 2 gods or goddesses in character to complete the story. You must also create your own original mortal characters as the humans in the story, who will interact with the gods/goddesses.


    Requirements: Your story should have MLA heading and format and be typed and double-spaced. It should be at least one and a half typed pages long.


    Submission: You may submit your typed myth in a hard copy on or before May 2nd.


    Ideas for myth:

    Natural Phenomenon:



    Forest Fires

    Rising and Falling of Tide





    Religious Practices:

    Worshiping gods on a certain day of the week

    Bowing head to pray to gods/goddesses

    Building a temple for a god/goddess



    Moral Lessons:

    Always tell the truth.

    Never cheat to win or succeed.

    Be kind to others, no matter the situation.

    Forgive others, and don’t hold grudges.


    Original Myth Rubric:


    Content                                                                                                           24 points                    

    • 10 pts-shows understanding of at least 2 Greek god or goddess character/personality through       events and interactions with original characters  

    • 9 pts -Displays knowledge of mythology to explain natural events, religious practice, or     moral lessons through the actions/dialogue of characters and gods/goddesses.

    • 5pts -Myth has a conflict between immortal and mortal characters that is resolved


    Organization                                                                                                   16 points                    

    • 7pts- Myth with beginning, middle, and end with thematic resolution

    • 7pts- Uses dialogue between characters

    • 2pts- Title


    Grammar/Mechanics                                                                                       10 points                    

    • Capitalization and punctuation (“  ” w/dialogue)

    • Sentence structure

    • Spelling


    Total:                                                                                                               50 points