• 1.      Go to website:  ________________

    2.      Click advertising tricks

    3.      Click on the box that reads, “What is an ad?”

    4.      What is each ad trying to sell you?




    5.      Next, click on box that reads “Food Advertising Tricks

    6.      Why would an advertiser use “fake ice cream” in a commercial?

    Explain your answer________________________________________


    5.      Click on “Be the ad detective

    6.      Read the instructions and complete the activity

    7.      Click on the advertising banners and see what happens.

    8.      Click on “Buying Smart” at the top and then click “Question the Commercial”

    9.      List 4 things you can ask yourself to be a better consumer?




    10. Next, click on “HOT or SNOT.”

    ·        Did New Coke sell?  Why or why not?

    ·        Was Menudo a successful “boy band”?

    ·        Did Pet Rocks sell?  Why or why not?

    ·        Did scooters sell?  Explain.

    ·        Simon?  Why or why not?

    ·        Atari ET?  Why or why not?


    11. Next, click on “Your Entertainment” section at the top of the page. Then click on “Money & Music”

    12.  List 3 musicians who refuse to sell their music to advertisers? (click on “selling out?” on the right hand side to find out.) ________________________________________________________


    13. Next, go back to “Your Entertainment” and take the “tv vs. life” quiz.

    14. Next, do the “Create a Pop Star” activity.

    15.                         Finally, return to the “Advertising Tricks” section and “Create Your Own Ad.”  Have fun.



    Pay attention to the persuasive arguments made in these advertisements.  Persuasive arguments are made when a choice must be made.