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    Poetry Terms Quiz

    Match the following definitions to the poems on the left. Write the corresponding letter of the word on the blank.


    a         alliteration

    b        allusion

    c         ballad

    d        figurative language

    e         form

    f         free verse

    g        haiku

    h        imagery

    i          lyric poem

    j          metaphor

    k        meter

    l          mood

    m      narrative poem

    n        onomatopoeia

    o        personification

    p        refrain

    q        repetition

    r          rhyme scheme

    s         rhythm

    t          simile

    u        stanza


           J       1.  makes a comparison between two otherwise unlike things

                        A      2.  repetition of consonant sounds

                        U      3.  a formal division of lines of poetry

            N      4.  words that imitate sounds

             O     5.  giving an inhuman object human characteristics

             G     6.  a three line poem usually with syllables 5-7-5

            R      7.  a regular pattern of rhyming words

          K        8.  a poem’s rhythmical pattern by stressed and beats

          F        9.  poetry not written in regular pattern, follows no rules

         M         10.  a poem that tells a story

          i        11.  a highly musical poem that tells about a single speakers observations or emotions

          C        12.  a musical poem that tells of adventure

          P        13.  a portion of a poem that is repeated after several stanzas

           Q       14.  any element of language that is used more than once, word or phrase

         H         15.  descriptive figurative language used to paint pictures for the reader

             T     16.  comparing of two things using like or as

             D     17.  language not meant to be taken literally

            L      18.  a feeling created in a reader

          B        19.  a reference to a well known text or event in another text

         S         20.  a pattern of beats in spoken or written language

           E      21.  the structure of a poem and how it is arranged on the page