New Employee Orientation

  • Welcome to Mountain Brook Schools!  All employees are required to participate in New Employee Orientation through the Personnel Department, upon hire. The following information will hopefully answer any additional questions you may have about certain topics and contains links to training that must be completed.

    Policy Manual - An electronic copy of the Mountain Brook policy manual, as well as the Employee Handbook for Personnel Policies is available on the school district's web site at:  The Employee Handbook for Personnel Policies provides additional information regarding leave of absences, work verification submission, end of year staffing procedures, and more.

    Confidentiality - Certain information regarding students and other personnel matters necessitate confidentiality required by law.  Please be reminded this information must only be discussed with people in the district who have rights to information, including family and friends.  All employees must sign the FERPA privacy agreement.

    Harassment - All employees must be sensitive to matters that may be construed as harassment/retaliation in the work place.  This includes harassment of any type including student-to-student, employee-to-student, student-to-employee, or employee-to-employee.  Mountain Brook Schools strives to create working conditions that are non-discriminatory and fosters an environment that encourages everyone to do their best work.  Do not ignore situations that create intimidating, hostile, or otherwise offensive environments for a student or employee.  If you believe you are being subjected to any form of harassment, you should report that to your immediate supervisor unless there are circumstances you do not feel comfortable reporting to him/her.  In those instances please contact the Personnel Department for assistance.  If sexual harassment is involved, a request to make such a report to a supervisor of the same sex will be honored.  Sexual harassment is the only form of harassment that is defined by law and reporting procedures are specific.  For additional information, refer to Mountain Brook Schools' policy G-32.   Employees must participate in Sexual Harassment training and other mandatory trainings through Safe Schools annually.   

    On-the-Job-Injury - If an employee has an accident while working on the job, he/she should notify the principal or supervisor immediately.  An On-the-Job Injury form must be completed (available in your school office or district website) within 24 hours of the accident.  If an employee misses work due to an on-the-job-injury, discuss the situation with the principal or supervisor.  If medical attention is required, a Physician's Certification form must also be completed.  Alabama public schools are not covered by workman's compensation and an injury claim must be submitted to the Alabama State Board of Adjustment.  There is a one-year statute of limitations from the date of the injury.

    Leave-Of-Absence -  An employee must submit a written request for any leave-of-absence from regular work duties that exceed 10 consecutive working days.  If an employee wishes to request maternity or paternity leave during the school year, such requests must be made in writing before the beginning of the leave.  Medical leave requests must be accompanied by a physician's form that can be obtained from the district website or the Personnel Department.  Please refer to the "Leave of Absence Procedures" in the Employee Handbook for Personnel Policies to determine paid and unpaid options for leaves, as well as, questions related to the Family Medical Leave Act. A one year leave of absence will only be granted to those employees who have obtained tenure in the system. Procedures for other leaves-of-absences (i.e. professional, personal, vacation, military, court, and organizational) are included in this manual. If there are questions regarding pay status and continuation of benefits during a leave, please call the Payroll/Benefits Department at 871-4608.  If an employee has available sick, personal, or vacation leave, he/she must utilize those forms of leave PRIOR to taking unpaid leave when applicable.  Policy G-35 details Employee Leave Information.

    AESOP (Automated Educational Substitute Operator) - Some employees are required to enter absences in AESOP.  Please verify with the principal/supervisor if you are included in an employee group that utilizes this service.  It is the employee's responsibility to register an absence any time work will be missed.  Call 1-800-942-3767 (1.800.94.AESOP), or access the website at for detailed directions. Your school secretary will also be able to assist you with the AESOP process.

    Employee Assistance Program - EAP services are available to you and members of your immediate family free of charge through American Behavioral.  Up to six visits per plan year/per qualified family member and unlimited scheduled telephone counseling is available. Their number is (800) 925-5EAP (5327).  Other EAP  information can be found in the Mountain Brook Schools Employee Handbook.

    Work Verification - Verification of prior experience for determining years of experience for determining years of experience on the salary schedule must be submitted within six months of an employee's hire date.  The EXP form is required to be used for this verification.  Check with your former employer to verify experience has been sent to our department.  

    Transfer of Sick Days - It is your responsibility to request a transfer of sick days from a previous Alabama public school system.  This information must be submitted to the Payroll and Benefits Department.  Out of state sick days are not transferable.  The Alabama Teacher Retirement System does not allow sick days to be paid out.

    Certification - If you are a new graduate or moving from out of state, please complete your application for an Alabama Teaching Certificate.  This process could take several weeks or months depending on your situation.  If you are seeking alternative certification, please contact Dr. Susan Cole in the Personnel Department at, if you have not done so previously.

    Name/Address Changes -  Name or address changes must be made through Employee Self Service.   Changes must match your name as it is printed on your Social Security card.  

    Benefits/Insurance - All insurance and benefits questions must  be directed to the Payroll Department.

    National Board Certified Teachers - NBCT must contact the state department to notify your change in employment to avoid a delay in fund distribution.  Dr. Lisa Beckham, Director of Administrative Services, is the district contact and can be reached at 871-4608 or email Dr. Beckham at   

    Tenure/Continued Employment - Under the new Students First Act of 2011, several changes with tenure and non-probationary employment have been made. Certified and classified employees must work for three complete years and be asked to return for the 4th year in order to obtain tenure. Be aware that some One Year Only or End of Year Only appointments may not count towards tenure status. Individual questions about this can be directed to the Director of Personnel.