MBHS currently has four WEPA kiosks available for student printing. Two ways to use WEPA include:
    • Walking up to one of the WEPA kiosks on campus, swipe your student ID or type in school Google account. Select file to print and click print.
    • Access wepanow.com from any device with Internet access. Sign in with WEPA account which is school Google account and password. Select file to print. When on campus access a kiosks and release print job. 
    Each student has $20 preloaded to their WEPA account each year.
    If you need to add additional funds to your account:
    • wepanow.com
    • Sign in with school WEPA account (school email and password)
    • Click MENU, Deposit funds

    About WEPA kiosk printing:

    • Kiosks are in 4 locations on the MBHS campus, Library, Lunchroom, Mall near The Spot, 500 hall.
    • Prints black/white and color copies; single or double-sided; 8.5X11
    • Kiosks use high-quality laser paper and high-definition ink
    • Cloud printing with touch-screen kiosks
    • Prints most Windows and MAC file types
    • Print from anywhere - home computer, Chromebook, laptop, or USB at a kiosk
    • Files remain available for 24 hours and are accessible at any kiosk on campus
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