A form for each student participating in an overnight sport, activity or club must have this form on file.  Coaches and Sponsors will meet with each group and collect this form prior to travel.
    No medication can be taken at school without this form completed and on file. Prescription medication must be signed by a Physician and a parent. Self Administration usually pertains to an emergency medication ( Inhaler, Epi-pen etc)  Over the counter medications are not self-medication at school. 
    Form used with a PPA to give parental and student permission. Parent and student signature required along with a current expiration date. Normally these types of medications are Perscription medications for emergencies. This form allows the student to hold medication with them. 
    Over the counter PPA (Physician-Parent Authorization) for medications that are not prescription. Examples:  Advil, Tylenol... that are not allowed to be self-medicated, but are dispensed by the school nurse.