• Academic Vocabulary

    factors                          commutative property             

    prime numbers            associative property                          

    composite numbers     compare                                     

    square numbers           equivalent                                 

    multiple                        greater than 

    product                         less than

    open array                    unit fractions

    closed array                  common numerator

    equation                        common denominator

    addend                           whole number

    sum                                mixed number

    difference                       improper fraction



    traditional algorithm 

    expanded form   


     Don't forget you have a student math handbook that will serve as an excellent resource for strategies to solve problems!


  • Math Resource General Information

    This year students on my caseload from grades 6th will be co-served by Mrs. Louise Holden in the area of math.  We are excited for the opportunity to specialize in a content area in order to serve our students more specifically in these areas.  Please email holdenl@mtnbrook.k12.al.us  for more information concerning your child's math resource services!